What’s an oxygen bar?

As an extension of our aromatherapy we offer an oxygen bar for essential oil inhalation. In addition to the benefits of the essential oils the oxygen bar offers a systemic boost to the body.

Essential oils & Blends

Essential oils & Blends

The oxygen content in the regular air we breathe has decreased dramatically in the past two generations. And, obviously, oxygen is the one substance we cannot live without. Breathing five to ten minutes at the oxygen bar boosts the body enough to help displace free radicals and detoxify the blood, which helps boost the immune system.

Immediate effects of the oxygen bar are headache and hangover relief. Some people report a ‘slight euphoria’ from the increased focus on breathing and the oxygen boost. This can be attributed to the endorphin release that happens with focused breathwork. Most people report an awareness shift and a feeling of well-being.


Essential oils are chosen for their physiological effect. A respiratory blend for those prone to sinus infections, a citrus blend for its uplifting, energizing effect, an anti-anxiety blend to calm the high-strung, and a meditation blend to focus the mind are some of the favorites.

Experience the oxygen bar for $5.00 for five minutes or $10.00 for ten minutes and see why so many people are dedicated to its effects.