What is Reiki & Energy medicine?

According to a number of traditions the body is made up of more layers than most people can see with the naked eye. The physical body is surrounded by an etheric body, and additional emotional, mental, and astral levels that form a space around each living thing. Energy medicine, such as Reiki, Healing Touch, and countless other modalities, work with the subtle layers of energy to promote wholeness and deep level healing.

Many suggest that energy medicine is the most profound and effective mode of healing because it works on the causes of discomfort and illness, which reside in the emotions and mental patterning, rather than merely on the symptoms or outward manifestation of disease. By working with the subtle energy in addition to the supportive care provided by symptomatic treatment, true healing occurs.

What happens in a session?
During a subtle energy session the client remains fully clothed and rests on the table. The healer employs a variety of techniques based on her preferred modalities including laying their hands on certain energetic points known as chakras and on the joints of the body, clearing and raking the energy field, and sensing for blocks or an overabundance of energy. The goal is to balance the client’s energy field so there is a free flow of vital life force throughout every level of the subtle and physical body.

How does it feel? 
It feels different for everyone! But most often clients describe feeling profound peace along with waves of pulsing, hot/cold, and movement within the body. Often it’s described in similar ways to the sensations associated with acupuncture.

How long does a session last? 
Typically a session is a full hour and will include discussion of what the healer noted along with tips on how to keep vital energy free-flowing.