What is herbalism?

Herbalism is the use of plant-based substances to promote wellness and a healthful state and, when needed, to interrupt or reverse disease process. For most of history medicine was based on plants and herbs rather than the chemical-based medicine we’re familiar with now in the United States. So there is a long, rich tradition of herbal actions and synergies. Modern herbalists draw on these traditions, from the West and East, as well as the wealth of current scientific studies that isolate plant based constituents to explore exactly how and why they work as well as they do. The savvy contemporary herbalist has one foot placed firmly in tradition and the other placed happily in scientific exploration.

Herbs and teas


Herbs and teas

Herbs and teas

Medical herbalism treats disease process with specific plant-based remedies that soothe, relieve, and promote healing. Remedies are a combination of one or more herbs to promote a specific effect, such as sleepiness, respiratory health, heart health, the easing menstrual syndromes, and nearly anything else a body needs. Remedies include teas, elixirs, salves, baths, and tinctures, which can be incorporated as pleasant pauses within a hectic day.
When one is ill there are specific synergies (combinations of herbs and oils) that are used to promote health. When one is well there are certain tonics that can be taken to increase energy and health. The elegance of herbalism is it is designed to promote whole-body wellness, not just the absence of diseases.




Herbalism activates the body’s own healing ability and is rooted firmly in the Hippocratic dictate to ‘do no harm’. Through prevention, education, and holistic understanding that the mind, body, and emotions are inexorably linked, the herbalist offers rich and effective remedies to heal, enliven, and inspire.

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Sphere tea blends

Heart Health – Designed to reduce blood pressure and support a healthy heart

Moon Cycle – Designed to ease the discomforts associated with menstrual pains and hormonal shifts

Sleep and Dream – Designed to induce a restful, uninterrupted sleep

Breathe – Designed to clear respiratory passages and ease breathing

Digest Ease – Designed to make foods easier to digest

Cleanse – Designed for short-term use with a detoxification program
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