the Sun

The Sun (19) is the Day.  He is the life-giver who offers his warmth to Earth and Her children.  He exposes the secrets no longer hidden by Night.  His eye never closes and he shines on and on.  He is the ego elevated.  He is all things bright.

He is the voice of the ancient fathers who guard, protect, and watch.  When we speak to the Sun he answers from the accumulated wisdom of sheer masculine power who triumphed over the ordeals of the hero, the madness of the desert, the redemption of the cross, and was reborn within the Mother’s caves.

The Sun is the all-seeing eye who does not judge.  He watches all the events below him dispassionately.  He sees, gives, and burns unceasingly over Earth’s creations.

When we open our hearts to enlighten the Sun within we align ourselves with our higher purpose and elevate our ego.  The death of the lower ego is the birth of the Seeker.  It is at this point we begin to See where all possible and parallel existences interconnect and web within each other.  When we go through this process inevitably we must disconnect and become somewhat dispassionate or we may go a bit insane.  Like the Sun we must observe without judging. As we make careful analysis of our life it must ultimately be without judgment or we could get very caught up in loops of self-blame and recrimination.  With the Sun as our guide we watch, unblinking, observing the dramas of our lifetimes from the perspective of one who has seen it all.

The Sun shines equally on the just and the unjust.  Our eye must observe equally our just and unjust actions understanding that each and every bit of our substance has been worked into the Holy’s tapestry.

Once we swallow the sun by dissolving our lower ego into the higher Ego the path is paved for us to, like the Sun, give for the sake of giving, observe for the sake of observation, and live for the sake of living.   We, like the Sun, shine because we were made to shine.

When the Sun enters your life, just shine! Bathe in the warmth of the Day and consider what you can offer the world that no one else can. When you swallow the Sun it lights a fire in you to serve by being yourSelf.

Sun Worship

1. Do you like to be the center of attention? How do you feel when all eyes are on you? The Sun is the center of our universe and we – upon occasion – are the center of focus. Is this a comfortable place for you? If not, consider expanding your experience to have all eyes on you for a time. Tell a joke. Sing a song. Take a speech class. Get comfortable in the limelight.

2. Throughout human history symbols of the Sun have been used to express the Holy. The solar deities are typically male, although not exclusively. Many of the solar gods’ arcs involve rising in the morning – dying at night – and rising again in the morning. The imagery of dying and rising gods is deeply related to the  journey of the Sun through the sky each day. Consider your own cycle of life, death, and rebirth each day. Every morning you rise from sleep just as the Sun rises from his nightly death. Each night you die to Night’s mysteries.

3. The Sun is our great energy source. His rays ensure plants, animals, and humanity continued life and growth. In this way we truly are at the mercy of the Sun. Consider thanking the Sun each morning when you rise. Feel yourself connect with the energy of the All.

4. How do you feel when you get too much sun? Too little? Consider the perfect balance of Light for you. Now consider your own energy. How do you feel when you have too much? Too little? How do you balance your energy levels?