The Mind/Body Link & Energy healing by Heather Eggleston

Humans collectively are sadly living in a very “sympathetic” state most of the time, in which fight or flight is the norm. The body is simply replying to the messages we continually send it. Candace Pert’s Molecules of Emotions and Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief clarify this far more than I can but when we have a thought/emotion (which are not at all separate despite our perception of emotion and logic being two separate realms) it reinforces a belief, which is then acted on in our biology. Each thought/emotion of fear emits neurotransmitters that keep us in a stressed state, which reinforces the original fear. Contrast this with a thought/emotion of love, bliss, union that floods the body with natural opiates and thereby reinforces a state of harmony and belief in healing. Meditative practice, energy healing, prayer, and simply embracing the idea of goodness literally changes the inner world and (yes, its hokey) the perception of the external world shifts as well.

Water carries all of it. Dr. Emoto’s work is fun in so many ways but particularly because it gives such great visuals to the power of water as vessel (what a nice twist!). We think of water as a universal solvent and cleansing agent yet perhaps it is also a messenger element. Each one of us is a vessel for waters and it is up to us to determine whether it is slime or holy water based on how we program our inner waters. Dr. John Barnes in Healing Ancient Wounds theorizes restricted fascial tissue creates pain because it is essentially snagged and then dehydrated. Some massage techniques including Barnes’ Myofascial Release aim to soften and rehydrate allowing the water to carry its messages freely through the body. Homeopathy makes a lot of sense in this context and studying it has really had me thinking on the water component of dilution. Probably another post somewhere else on that…

To bring it back around to energy healing (which is all healing).  Of all the modalities I’ve explored it creates the most beneficial long term effects in real lives. There are many theories, which I enjoy a great deal, about why this is but truth is it is in some ways still a great mystery. With my students I require the first two Reiki attunements before delving into other energy modalities (and there are many great ones) because Reiki is wonderfully safe, non-ego driven, and non-directive, which is not necessarily true for all energy modalities. And perhaps most importantly Reiki is working on the practitioner as much as it is on the guest. So the attunement process heals the healer and all healing is self-healing.