the Deep End: Energeia

The second episode of the Deep End is out! I indulge my inner(?) philosophy nerd on a quest to find a working definition for “metaphysics.” And then to discover where the word “energy” comes from, how it’s been used in philosophy & religion, and then (la de da!!) how that intersects with current usage. Oh, and a little homeopathic philosophy is thrown in.

If that’s not enough wonkiness, upcoming are bonus episodes on how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) considers  energy – from an actual acupuncturist. AND what energy means in yogic tradition from a practitioner/teacher. And probably a little more on the good old western alchemical tradition as it comes down to us in homeopathic philosophy. Oh, and Reiki. We can’t skip Reiki.

So dive right in (if you dare)…

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FYI – the audio is much cleaner than the video but hey – I’m nerding out on philosophy both places

Or if you prefer the unedited video…



Aristotle, Physics, Joe Sachs (trans.), Rutgers U. P., 1995.