realms of Light tarot

The Realm of the Flames offers the fire of purification and the source of personal power.  Flames are where we light our inner fire and spark the catalytic charge that lifts us out of our fears into our passions.  This realm shows us the path of Creation and is the realm of artists, creators, visionaries, and the masters of making and unmaking.  It speaks to the fires that drive us, warm us, nourish us, and keep us moving.  The Flames keep the dark away at Night.   

Imagine the darkest nights before lights filled every street corner.  In the dark of a moonless night the warmth of fire kept away beasts, enemies, and things that go bump in Night.  Fire was the first security blanket from fear of the dark. Today even the smallest electric nightlights are reminiscent of those first primal fires.  

Fire is the beginning of the separation of Light from Dark in which we start to create something from the void.  One of the best ways to stay positive and bright is to engage in a process of creation and exploration.  The Flame may be an external light that inspires and guides us.  But it also speaks to the actions we take in service and love that no one but us can offer.  

This is the realm in which we engage the ego – the part of us that makes us uniquely us including our experiences, opinions, driving forces – with the Soul in a process of elevating the ego to service instead of simple selfishness.   We die to ourselves to become our Selves.  The gift of the Flames is candle gazing in which we turn our full focus to the purification of mind through the flame of fire.  The Realm of Flames offers the path of the Creator.