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Sphere: A Gallery of Healing Arts

sphere massage

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Subtle Energy

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Massage oils with specific aromatherapy effects are chosen based on your needs. From muscle relief to euphoria, we have the blend to make you feel amazing. This is included free with all services.

All about aromatherapy

The dance of healing...

sphere – freestyle relaxation massage created for your unique self
1 hour $75
90 minutes $105
30 minutes $45

focus – deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, neuromuscular, stretch
1 hour $85
90 minutes $115
30 minutes $55

Eligible Blue cross/Blue shield of Florida accepted with prescription

Every session is a prayer...

Subtle - energy healing, Reiki, craniosacral, unwinding, empathic healing

1 hour $75
90 minutes $105
30 minutes $45

enhancements $20

hot/cold stones
warm bamboo
hand/foot treatment
scalp treatment
collagen face mask

Lomi-Lomi inspired – a rhythmic experience based in traditional Hawaiian massage
90 minutes $115

Massage for Two

Couples massage is available with advance notice.  We work in adjoining rooms for a roomier, more pleasant experience for all. Please call ahead and we will prepare for two!

Thai inspired – deep stretch table massage based in traditional Thai work
90 minutes $125

herbal facial – herbs, aromatherapy, oils, and massage to nourish your skin
30 minutes $50
($40 as a 30 minute add on with another massage!)