Judgment is the Judge (20).  The judge sits at the end of all things and observes as we weigh our own hearts against a feather.  It is a compassionate being who knows all things about us and listens as we cleanse.  

Note this language.  The judge watches as we weigh our own hearts.

The trick is not the judgment itself but the realization that when we stop judging we escape the need to judge. Judgment is soul abuse. We cannot judge others or ourselves without stepping into a place of abuse. Most do not really wish to harm others and yet it is a sadly common space for humanity. Pay attention to who and why you judge. And when you find yourself slipping into judgmental places take a deeper dive into why. Why spend your Light in such a way? What deeper wisdom are we hiding from ourselves?

We must go through the gift of the Sun’s all seeing eye to acknowledge who we have been and what we have done in this – and potentially parallel – lifetime(s).  But once we have done this enough we realize, suddenly, that the harshest person to judge us is ourSelf.  This realization suddenly frees us to remove the binds we placed on ourselves that keep us small and blind and finally (finally!) step out of draining judgment of self and others and simply Be.  It is from this rare place that we begin to truly and completely cleanse. We cannot be free until we step out of judgment.

The judge is our witness as we, removed of the judgment, which is another face of fear – finally with absolute honesty, can completely and sincerely make an accounting and, as such, authentically cleanse.  She listens as we scrub ourselves clean with an accounting of who and what we’ve been. The judge, then, sits in love as we wash our Souls clean and prepare for whatever is next.

The Judge, as witness, encourages us to stop the cycle of judgment and release, knowing it is in this moment we stop the tricks of the Mind and finally take ourselves Home. As guardian at the gateway to Heaven, the judge allows us to step into the Mystery.