Heaven, Earth, Food, & You by Adam C. McAlmont

All things in our world are a combination of energy and matter, Heaven and Earth—our Father and Mother (in Latin, pater and mater). Energy is invisible, while matter is visible. None-the-less, it is helpful to remember that matter is formed on the basis of energetic lines, while matter is a channel for energy. The terms Yang and Yin can also be applied, and can be applied creatively, in different strengths and combinations, to represent the myriad things in this world that contain them. It is all relative. Ultimately, matter and energy are one thing. As human beings we get to experience the individualization of reality, and dream the consciousness of infinity.

Just like us, human-beings, the foods that we eat have a physical body and an energetic body. Vegetable foods form on the basis of an energetic design, a combination of unlocked seed-energy, the forces of the Sun and sky, and the forces of Earth. These energies intermingle with the content and minerals of the humus which together dictate the physical shape, color, density, and taste of vegetable foods, including grains and beans. Minerals draw in certain energies and certain energies draw minerals along their lines of force. This drawing force that brings two complimentary things together is Love. The growth of our food and the creation of all things is the result of Love.

To live a healthy, conscious life in this limited world, it is important to open our hearts to whole, naturally produced foods. Sadly, much of the food available to us is artificial. Artificially processed and chemical foods are a result of the unhealthy thought and emotional patterns that include the desire to improve on nature and exploit the material of the Earth for the accumulation of wealth. It is an approach that lacks wisdom and vision, and has the potential to cause great sadness and harm to humanity and the Earth in short time. Let yourself be drawn to food grown by your own loving hand, or purchase only organic food grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and that are minimally processed.

Natural food cooking should ideally be done on the basis of the design and control of your own deepest Inner Being. When the action of cooking (such as the cutting of vegetables) is undertaken, there is a flow of energy from the core of your being dictating the transformation of food to make it more suitable for assimilation into your body. Cooking is the unlocking of the energies and materials of food to bring nourishment to your body and spirit. When the food is eaten, the healthy digestive organs of your body continue the transformation of food to nourish your tissues and cells, unlock the energies of the Earth into your body, and to mineralize the endocrine glands into receptive crystals that receive the energies of the Universe. Each of us have different needs, and it is important to use your own inner wisdom in the pursuit of your ideal natural foods diet.

Some of us flourish on a grain-based diet. In many ancient cultures, a central grain was the symbol of the Earth Mother. Great cultures flourished on the energy of the simple grain-seed. Grains contain a proportion of complex carbohydrates, protein and fat that some say is ideal for human growth and nourishment. Some common grains and grain-like seeds are rice, dried corn, millet, barley, oats, and buckwheat. Beans and legumes, which have a higher proportion of protein and fat can be a good complement to grains. Vegetables nourish the deep organs and energies of the body. It would be wise for everyone to eat a wide variety of vegetables to nourish the many organs of the body and to ensure the complete assimilation of a wide variety organic vitamins and minerals. Other great sources of nourishment are many delicious fruits, seeds, and nuts.

There are many approaches to cooking and many thoughts on what should be eaten. Although a vegetable based diet is ideal, for some the exclusion of animal foods may be contraindicated. Some believe that raw food is best, while others find they do better with foods that are cooked with fire. There are many nourishing foods that the Earth offers to us, and a great variety to the methods of preparation.

What is most important is to eat food that is fresh and produced with a natural approach as often as possible. Let yourself become attracted to high-quality foods that are minimally processed and produced without chemicals. Thought and meditative wisdom, as well as simple trial-and-error should be used in our very own food adventure. Keep in mind that feelings of guilt and remorse are not helpful to your well-being. Eventually you should be able to eat freely, sensing from within what is best for you. Our personal food adventure should bring each of us closer to greater health, mental clarity, and happiness. Have fun!

© Adam C. McAlmont, LMT 1995, 2013 • Please do not reproduce without permission.