Fall Workshop Series!

At long last we’re ready to (re)start our Sunday workshop series!

Our goal is to send the healing arts home with you. Healing isn’t just a thing that happens when there is an illness and it’s definitely not something to be wholly abdicated to outside authority. Healing happens with every choice and it’s our job to take responsibility for our own wholeness: physical, mental, emotional, and Soulful (which is really all One). This series touches on all of the above and offers tools that are practical and usable in everyday life. Nutrition, movement, massage, essential oils, herbs, homeopathy, exercise, and more esoteric and energetic forms of healing are to be explored by multiple facilitators from various angles.

November 1 – Heather delves into Ancestral Healing (on All Souls Day!). We are all products of our roots in ways we often don’t even recognize. We explore those roots and ways to heal them.
11am – 1:30pm

November 9 – The long-awaited Intro to Aromatherapy! We’ll explore the basics of essential oil therapies, the “essential oil medicine kit,” and do an individualized blending project. 11am-1:30pm

November 15 – MJ facilitates a yoga and meditation based workshop around the theme of “Healing” that integrates movement, discussion, and aromatherapy in a safe and nurturing way. 8am – 10:30am.

November 22 – Dr. Tina teaches a class on “Energy Medicine/Energy Psychology.” She explores theory and experience with a practical and grounded methodology. 11am – 1:30pm

Call 904-829-0590 to reserve a spot and confirm.
Scholarships are possible.
Workshop prices vary but a package discount is available for those who wish to take a whole bunch. smile emoticon

Also upcoming (dates to be announced):
Health Coach Cheryl’s “Causes of Health” and “Eating for Beauty”
Philosophy of Healing
Healing Dances series
Sacred Anatomy & Movement
Massage for Everyone
Shadow Working
and more…