Erin’s “Healer’s School” Journey!

Some of you may know we take the occasional apprentice here at Sphere.  Tyler (we miss her!) graduated earlier this year and moved to the coooold of Vermont.  Lizz (who has been around for a couple years now) joined on as Eileen’s apprentice.  And Erin (welcome!) moved from Seattle to study with me (Heather) here.

Erin is keeping a blog about her journey.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I am!



What is a Healer?

Everyone is capable of healing others.  This is one of our faculties as living creatures and we know healing inherently from the beginning of life; when a baby gets hurt they immediately put a hand on the pain, a kiss from  mother makes it feel better.  We each have special talents and we can use them to the benefit of others, if we choose to.  Easing pain, sharing joy and helping where we can is part of sharing our lives with others. That being said, like the cells in a body, some of us are geared toward healing—it is what we are meant to do.  Those who chose to honor and pursue this in the highest order go through the necessary training and specialized study to heal others as a profession.  Healing becomes an activity that serves as a regular source of livelihood; there are methods and standards they work with to do this well and to avoid harming.

The world, like a macrocosm of a body, is in its healthiest state when all of its creatures are playing their roles and allowed to thrive as they are meant to.  A body works the same way; each piece contributes to a perfect whole when everything is working as its meant to.  When exposed to toxins and stress, when undernourished or overworked, when the mind and heart are focused on past or future instead of the current running through, the body gets off track.  A healer must know how to help the body function the way it is supposed to.  Energy can get diverted or wasted and it is not a healer’s place to diagnose, but to help a person figure out what is off track and to encourage energy to flow the way it is meant to; to help others find the perfection in themselves.  We are all moving toward the light, toward a personal heaven and we look to healers to help us identify, embrace and illuminate the dark places.

Those meant for healing usually have a difficult time avoiding their lot in life.  They are drawn to learning ever more about healing, they put themselves in situations where their services are needed, they are very empathetic and they often have deep personal experience with darkness and pain in others or their own lives.

One who is willing to heed the call to heal will have an easier time than those who procrastinate, deny or rebel against this process.  Moving through the world with the knowledge of what needs to be done and not doing it is very hard on the soul.   Some of the darkest people are actually empaths who didn’t learn how to  use their abilities properly or to cleanse themselves of the energy they take on from others.  Many healers come from a difficult situation or have worked to let go of self destructive tendencies.  As the cells in a body, dis-eased people either kill themselves off, continue to function and propagate as a sort of cancer or embrace healing and then move back into accustomed conditions, using their experiences to prevent this disease in others—like a vaccine. Traditional healers, often referred to as shamans, generally move through a childhood trauma or illness.  The healer needs to truly believe in what they are doing for healing to be most effective and they often develop a true understanding of healing through personal experience.

The difference between one who has a predilection towards healing and one who is officially a healer is that a person has to first make an amount of headway on healing and purifying themselves before they can effectively help others.  A person must spend many years and lives studying modalities of healing and experimenting on themselves consistently before they can understand and use these skills on others effectively. Those who accept and embrace their mission must work towards it constantly and as they grow stronger, the path gets more challenging.  One must be willing to understand and move beyond every darkness in a search for the brightest source of light and often this feels like falling and getting up again; like loosing it all and starting over. As we purify ourselves and raise our energetic frequency our presence on earth and in the lives of others has a more beneficial effect and it becomes easier to understand and embrace the act of healing.

“Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes.  If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would paralyzed.  Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds’ wings.”