All the Small Things by Laura Cunningham

The world changes drastically depending on from where and when we view it. For me, the small things are what make the world, add color and texture, sound and gravity. Atoms make up everything. Living and non-living – static or active. At a molecular level we are built of atoms. Our fuel, along with the fuel for most other living things, is glucose. Glucose is made of six atoms of carbon, twelve atoms of hydrogen and six atoms of oxygen. It is these 14 atoms that drive us – and so many other living things – giving us the strength to face each sunrise. At an even more basic level, everything we touch is made of carbon, or something so similar it can be described with just one or two letters.

Overall, it is these things, so tiny we cannot see them, that build us up. So small that they can’t be seen, even with the best microscopes. Thinking carefully, it is amazing that something so miniscule can change our lives. It is these tiny atoms that build and form our DNA, our cells, our food, and our world. It is also such tiny things that can break us down. People are surprised that tiny events in our lives can throw them off so badly. It makes sense that if it is the little things that make us, it is also the little things that can break us.

We move through our lives, in a world that can only be described as macro, trying to ignore the micro. We ignore that a simple smile, given to a stranger passing by, can save someone. We forget that a scowl, thrown across a room, can condemn another. It is the little things, the simple smiles, and little lies that compound upon each other and can change our lives. When in the depths of despair, something as simple as hug can save, or in the heights of ecstasy a discouraging word can bring everything crashing to earth.

As things made of such small components, we must remember this. It is our smallest acts that can carry the world. It is the small things that bring us together, or set us apart. Those things too often considered insignificant have never been so. Everything we are, are such small things.