A Homeopathic Way of Life

There is a current resurgence of vitalistic wellness systems, such as Ayurveda and acupuncture, that speak the language of spirit and body. These traditions accept that living beings are animated by a subtle force – Prana or Chi – rather than simply mechanistic actions. Classical homeopathy is a less well known and often misunderstood vitalistic system.

Homeopathy was developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755 – 1843). Appalled by common medical treatments of the day – sometimes fatal doses of poisons like Mercury, copious bloodletting, and purging – he quit his medical practice to translate texts. While working on a book about medicinal herbs, he realized that often a substance that creates the symptoms of illness is the substance used to correct it. This “ah ha” moment prompted him to experiment with minerals, animals, and plants and their healing mechanisms. He adopted the ancient Hippocratic idea that “like cures like” and through rigorous experimentation developed homeopathy. His system of theory and application is captured in the many editions of his Organon of Medicine.

Classical homeopathy accepts that a person’s Vital Force is subject to mistunement, like an unused musical instrument. When healthy, the instrument sounds clear and hits all the right notes. When mistuned, the vital force creates symptoms, which may show up anywhere in the organism: mind, body, emotions, dreams, fears, and desires – based upon the unique susceptibility of the individual. Symptoms can be physical like a runny nose, mental like a fear of falling, emotional like crying at sad stories, or being generally chilly or hot. Symptoms are the language of the Vital Force. Because they express throughout the whole person, a homeopathically based consultant cultivates a discipline of objective observation. The goal is to elegantly match the symptoms of a person to the symptoms of a particular remedy, which stimulates the Vital Force to create deep re-tuning on whatever level is necessary.

When you visit a classical homeopathic consultant you can expect a lengthy interview of up to two hours. The consultant wants to know everything about you from your favorite time of day to sleep patterns to how you respond to traumas and what makes you angry. It is the answers to sometimes strange questions that lead to the remedy.

Classical homeopathy uses just one remedy at one time, which is quite different than popular drugstore combination remedies, to better observe the effect on the vital force. Remedies are regulated by the FDA and can be purchased safely at most health food stores.

The correct remedy stimulates the Vital Force to a deep healing process. Often it prompts changes in lifestyle that promote a healthier way of being. This may show up as improved diet, a new exercise routine, leaving a damaging relationship, or even starting a new career. The person on a remedy often “just feels better.”

Homeopathy can work quite well with many other healing systems. It is important not to take multiple remedies at the same time, which can be difficult on sensitive individuals. It can work with other forms of energy work, nutritive herbalism, nutrition, bodywork, fitness programs, and even conventional pharmaceuticals. It is important to remember that homeopathy is NOT medicine and is NOT intended to replace medical doctors. It is a completely different type of energetically based wellness system that has been used successfully world-wide since its inception.

While homeopathy is somewhat controversial there is a significant body of positive research. You can access these studies at: http://hpathy.com/scientific-research/an-update-on-research-in-homeopathy/. While no one can yet definitively cite the exact mechanism of homeopathy’s efficacy, we can say that it works for many, many people when applied properly, which involves individuation.

Dr. Hahnemann described true health as the ability to fully express one’s highest potential. This looks different for every person but is a lofty and a beautiful goal. A goal that is aided by a homeopathically based lifestyle that supports the free expression of the Vital Force.

Bio: Heather Eggleston, LMT (ma49735) is owner of Sphere (mm19522) in downtown St. Augustine. Sphere is a homeopathically-based wholeness center that also offers multiple forms of bodywork, clinical aromatherapy, herbalism, Sacred Body fitness, Reiki teaching, and workshops. Sphere. 58 Spanish Street. 904-829-0590. www.sphereheals.com