The Fool

In the Beginning is the word uttered into the vastness of possibility. Our journey begins with the Fool, the storyteller, the jester, weaver of worlds and words. The fool is the one who lets himself be foolish to trick those who are wise into deeper wisdom. She is the Jester and the Trickster. He has no number because she is each one of us and none of us and he wanders as she will through time and space as he is outside these things. Completely androgynous and mercurial, he is the story itself. She is the actor who plays the roles of hero and villain with equal gusto.

The Archetype of this twister Trickster is ancient and broad. He is Hermes who tricked his elder brother, Apollo, on the very day of his birth. She is Coyote who makes himself the butt of all his own jokes. She is innocence wrapped in trickery and deceit. He shows the truth by lying. We love him even as he turns us inside out and sets us up for a comical fall. He is both ego and the ego elevated to serve the Light. She takes our morality, turns it upside down and inside out, and shows us an empty hand. In him we cannot say where illusion turns to magic – and the opposite.

The Fool is the idiot savant. Her brilliance is obvious yet he is cloaked in a deceptive idiocy that allows her to speak the unutterable. He is the one who can say: “Uh, Emperor, are you forgetting something? Perhaps your pants?” It is an old idea that there is one person charged with telling the truth to Power and that was the King – or Queen’s – Fool. The Fool is protected by the Holy and charged with pointing out the obvious to those who do not always wish to hear it. And so our Fool, wearing this Holy mantle, points us to Truth. And he, more than anyone, knows that Truth is not direct and linear but rather it is wrapped in stories and tall-tales. She is the Liar known as Truth. He is the storyteller. And from her voice – the Mist – the First Formed are born. The Fool is the Creator. What a joke on us! The All dresses in the bright and tasseled garb of the Fool to prod Creation into laughter. Laugh with me, laugh at me, Children! Enjoy this creation of ours. It is here to celebrate.

When the Fool spills into your life be prepared to laugh at yourself (oftentimes through tears). He is here to show you the obvious via the subtle. She teaches you humility and through that humility your true strength. Trust him, if you dare, and follow her into possibility.

When the Fool shows up in your life prepare to play the Fool.
Laugh at yourself.
You are at the edge of new Creation and there is no way to know how the story ends.
Just make it fun.


1. The Fool tricks us into growth. Consider times in your life that you thought something was one thing only to be shocked at the truth. Perhaps the Fool tricked you into deeper understanding of another person, a belief system, or even your Self. Sometimes the Fool’s tricks seem painful but consider the greater lessons learned.

2. The Fool shows up as a character in literature and pop culture. Charlie Chaplin, Forest Gump, Yoda, and Tyrion Lannister are all variations on the Fool. Think of other ways the Fool shows himself in our popular imagination.

3. Humor is a great tool of the Fool. Take time to laugh. Tell jokes. Watch comedies. And allow yourself to play the Fool in honor of all Creation.

4. Tell a tale. Spin a yarn. Weave a web of words.