Empathy Series – Devotion


Fluidity. Emotion. Bonds. Illusion. Depths. Mirrors. This realm holds the emotional tides that tie us together in the watery ways. Like emotions, the realm of the Waters is by its very nature mutable, nebulous, and ever-changing, yet it is considered the wellspring of all life. Ancient stories tell how we climbed from the Seas, newborn creatures more like tadpoles than humans, learning to breathe. As babies, we are poured out from our Mother’s waters into this in between life. We crave water and need it far more than food, shelter, or even touch. As solid as we may seem on the outside, our insides are liquid rivered veins and oceans breaking within. We are emotion slowed enough to form and, as such, we must contend with our depths that we not drown in them.

The path of Devotion offers a template for cleansing our inner Seas, connecting with others through empathic ways of being, and maintaining emotional mastery. It begins with devotion. It does not matter so much to Whom we are devoted, only that we are. There must be a focus on which our eyes stay locked that we may not lose ourselves in the tumbling whirlpools of the deep places within. Most spiritual paths offer a Holy template on whom we can depend. Jesus, Mary, Krishna, Buddha, Allah, Demeter. Others may devote themselves to their parents or children or lover. To a cause, a purpose, a role. Still others may be devoted to Self.  In the realm of Waters we are devoted to Love. There are a million paths to the All but each one of them is found in the heart.

As we swim the realm of Waters, the Mermaid with her beckoning mirror offers us our illusions to shatter as Queen Aphrodite emerges from the depths to cajole and provoke us towards wisdom. Sir Galahad reaches for the Grail as Earth beneath him shifts and the Piscean ocean arranges her rhythms to the pull of the Cancerian Moon. We must be prepared to move with our emotions, whirling dervishes, dancing in devotion to Love.

  1. What does it mean to be devoted? Have you ever been completely devoted to one path? Person? Cause? Way of being? What does such devotion entail?

  2. Does devotion mean eternity? Is it possible to be completely devoted at one moment and have that change? Does such changeability imply anything about that devotion?

  3. What would you be most comfortable devoting yourself to? A spiritual Being? An idea? A person?

  4. What does it mean to be devoted to Love? What is Love? Is it a conceptual construct? An emotion? When you step inside yourself, what does Love feel like? If you were to translate Love to someone else without words, how would you do it?

  5. Is it possible to have no devotion? If so, what will enter that void? Without a conscious dedication to something or someOne, what fills that space? Have you had such times in your life? If so, how did you keep your bearings?

Consider what you are devoted to and why. You are about to embark on a journey into the deepest realms of your emotional self. There is no map and navigation is by the Stars. What is the Star that guides you on the inner seas? If you do not have a devotion, consider why before you dive further into the depths.