Empathy Series 9 – Joy

Imagine You without self. Imagine You without all those accumulated attributes. What is left? It is the essence that *is* you. It is your scent, your movement, your song. Without all the added layers of “stuff” (emotional defenses, mental gymnastics, physical deviations, material urges, expectations of how life should be, and on and on) we dive into the next manifestation of Love. Joy.

J.D. Salinger, of Catcher in the Rye fame, wrote, “The fact is always obvious much too late, but the most singular difference between happiness and joy is that happiness is a solid and joy a liquid.” Here in the realm of Waters, we swim in joy, creatures of the deep. Happiness is temporary, fleeting even. Happiness keeps his ear cocked, listening for the next sorrow to wipe her crayon bright skies to gray. Joy is something else. Joy is the expression of a cleansed, surrendered Soul. Joy is the expression of simple, uncomplicated Being.

9s sing of completion. 9s are humanity elevated. The exalted initiate of the realm of Waters opens her voice to sing, and the song that pours forth is Joy. “From the abundance of the heart, the mouth does sing.” (Luke 6:45) It is said in many mystical traditions that the purest form of prayer is song. Imagine song as Breath and dance as Light. When we sing that which is our heart and dance that which is our Soul, we weave a tapestry of Light and Breath that heals as we move through life, ripples of sweetness and Joy radiate from our reaching fingertips, linking us to all the Joy in all the realms.

  1. Happiness. Joy. These words evoke certain associations. Take each one into your body and create an emotional language for them. What does happiness taste like? Joy? What does each feel like? What colors are evoked with each? Swirl them around in your inner seas and truth test them for yourselves. Do you agree with Salinger that one is liquid and the other solid? What does he mean by the solidity of happiness and the liquidity of joy? If you swallow happiness, chew it like a sandwich, does it digest into joy? What is the relationship between them?

  2. In this age of the law of attraction and NLP, we are told to be very consious of the “prayer” language we put into the world. In the ancient world there were very specific formulas in which the worshipper praises, then supplicates, then gives thanks. Prayer-spells weave words into bindings with specific urgency. Each are literal, powerful expressions, clear and precise prayer. What purpose does this literal form of prayer serve? How are such methods different than song (and dance) as prayer?

  3. Can you imagine Song as a pure form of prayer? Imagine your heart’s desire. Can you speak your heart’s desire with words alone? The heart is far wiser than the languages of humanity. Release the need to pray with “control” and allow your heart to unfold (with or without words). Sing the vowels, let them form in you and then send them on out. This does not have to be beautiful, but in time it will be. Song is how the heart prays.

  4. Taste Joy inside you again. This time allow it to create sounds within you. As you do, let them bubble forward. Then let the sounds fall wild around you, and pick up the strands of music with your breath. As you do, let that breath move you as the spirit within rocks and rolls you into a dance, wholly unique, wholly sublime, wholly you. Is Joy literal? Is it precise? Does it color within the lines? This, too, is prayer.

    Take a deep breath and move in the Joy. It doesn’t matter what events are happening around you, what you do for a living, whether the bills are paid or if you’ve crossed everything off your to-do to-day list. It’s time to rock in the Spirit, and roll in the music of the Spheres. Pray yourself into that place beyond words.