Empathy Series 6 – Innocence

Six of the Waters


Once we’ve pruned away the deadened growth of unhealthy relationships, ways of being, and situations, we move forward boldly. We step into the world and foster the connections that are good for us. We build families of Soul with those whose nourishing fingers touch us. We learn self-expression, sovereignty, and the magic of loving oneself in the eyes of Others. This is a peaceful time, but it does not come without its challenges. As we create new relationships, even with the same people, we fall back into the old patterns – unless we keep the past close enough to recognize the constructs within and, when appropriate, deconstruct them. Those deep patterns, like lattice-worked structures, are built upon the tiny form of the little-one within.

It is time to stop and listen to our Child, that being so filled with promise(s) yet whose carefully tended beliefs (and wounds) set the pattern for our entire lives. Until we learn the voice of the little one inside, we slowly suffocate that being who first experienced joy, sadness, fear, heartbreak, and the glory of our earliest dreams. When we refuse to acknowledge the voice of our inner little-one, we flatter ourselves that we see existence through eyes of worldly wisdom, when really, we are creatures who are meant to experience the realms in innocent humility, which is the mark, after all, of true wisdom.

And so we still ourselves, go backward, and then boldly step forward again.

1. In healing our childhoods, the first step is to grieve for the childhood you did not have. Grieve what was not. Look back to what you wish had been your childhood. It is a weaving of things that were and things that were not. It is a tapestry of images, desires, dreams. Mostly, though, it is a feeling. Find that feeling. It may be a feeling of safety, of elemental understanding, of being heard, loved, cherished. Find the feeling of what would have been the “perfect” childhood. Its essence exists in you. This may take some time and it may be frustrating – but healing can be that way. Once you have found the feeling of what you lost you have two tasks. First, is to mourn that it never was. The second is to send that feeling of the perfect childhood back to the little-one. You may use distance healing. You may use prayer. You may wish upon a Star, but in sending that feeling back to your little-one, you also bring it forward to your grown self. You create a binaural beat between your little-one and your present to make a powerful space that is an empathic nexus with yourself. This is a sort of self-propelled Soul Retrieval.  You are healing every part of you in between here and there. It is the easiest thing in the world. But you must find that emotion and your mind will do what it can to talk you out of that. Once you break through to your little-one, you create a binaural beat to yourself at any time and space. All you do is hold the tone in one place and it creates a space of healing between.

  1. Now ask your little-one to give you a signal, a piece of song, a tingle on the tip of your nose, or the touch of memory against your skin. This begins a dialogue between yourself-as-you-are and your little-one. Ask your little-one to send you cues when she wishes to speak. Listen for his voice, which acts as guide to unmaking that which has been built over her heart. It is, after all, the Child who returns to Eternity, and the Child who points the way. Bliss is achieved as we strip to our innocence, removing the layers of adaptive behaviors we’ve learned to survive. Listen for the voice of little-you and engage through his eyes.

It is time to play with the child-within. Step back from your grown-up perspectives and listen for the voice of the child who points the way to Eternity. Strip off the layers that keep the voice of your freedom and the impulses of Innocence at bay. Notice your adaptive tendencies and consider their origins. Engage with your little-one and deconstruct those outmoded defense mechanisms that only serve to keep you small.