Empathy Series 4 – Stilling the Voices

Stilling the Voices

After celebrating with Beauty, Delight, and Blossom, we suddenly find ourselves filled with an explosion of sound, sensation, and the sonic depths of the world around us. We are saturated with the tears of the skies, filled with the prayers of the millions, and drenched with the purple tones of the emotions of those we touch. This can lead to a very real space of over-stimulation in which our own voices can be lost in the symphony of all existence. And so, wide-eyed Delight gives way to an emotional exhaustion in which we are so filled with the voices of others that we cannot seem to find ourselves in the whirling dance of existence. What was once stimulating is suddenly somewhat sinister. And so we are faced with choices. Can we continue to absorb the emotional landscapes of those around us indefinitely? Or must we re-learn the golden tones of silence?

Once we have tasted empathic connection there is a often a deep fear that we will lose the enchantment if we hush those connections. This is, however, very unlikely. Empathy is natural and does not just “go away.” However, if we wish to remain sane in a realm of such emotional depth, we need to hone some skills. One very important skill is to “still the voices.” Without disconnecting from Earth’s other children we can (and must) quiet their noise enough to cleanse our emotional waters. We do this by putting ourselves on “time out,” in which we go deep into our individual heartbeat, find the connection to the Holy, and then breathe with the All. This brings us back to our unique essence, reminds us of our individual song, and cleanses us of the emotional turbulence with which we rub elbows during daily life.

If we do not take the space to still the voices and reconnect with our Soul’s own voice we become unhealthy. We adapt in a fight, flight, or freeze manner. We fight by draining others. We fly by avoiding authentic intimacy, or we freeze by slowly numbing ourselves. But when we stop, still the voices, and reconnect we are able to recall ourselves to ourselves.

  1. Consider the phrase: “still the voices.” What does this evoke in you? Can you relate to having a cacophony of sound, voices, opinions, judgements, and so-on running through your mind? Some refer to this as “monkey mind” or “mind chatter.” Some call it “stinking thinking.” Have you considered which of these thoughts actually belong to you and how many of them you’ve absorbed from the outside world? If you’ve worked through the realm of Stone, you’ve stilled the ancestral voices as ally with your family tree. But we constantly take in the voices of society, our religious institutions, cable news, and so on. The subconscious is actively absorbing everything we take in. How does this understanding shift your daily choices? What voices do you wish to have closest to you? Stop for a moment and breathe deeply. Ask to hear a voice that is external to you. How do you experience it? Is it front and center, loud or wreathed around your head? Now, ask to hear an ancestral voice. Where does it resonate with in you? Next, ask to hear the voice of your own egoic self. How do you experience this part of you? Finally, ask to experience your Soul’s voice. What are the qualitative differences between voices?

  2. Journal recurrent thoughts, some negative and some positive. When one stops by for a visit, rather than suppress or ignore it, find where it is coming from in or outside of your body. Trace the emotional resonance that happens with it. Once you learn to differentiate which thoughts are coming from inside and which from outside you have more power to banish, transform, or heal those that are less helpful while filling yourself more fully with those who come from your Soul’s voice.

Take time to still the voices. Consider who is influencing you and whether the myriad thoughts swirling through your life are truly, deeply, authentically You. If they are not, start the process of stilling them, so you can find, within Aloneness, Your own voice once again.