Empathy Series 3 – Celebration


As we link with others in empathic communion it is a cause for celebration and joy. We touch energetically, exploring our bonds, and begin to truly feel with others. This teaches us to bond artfully. Reaching with joy, we link energetic fingers and touch heart-to-heart. These bonds, then, teach us experience from a compassionate place. Our lives are enriched through the shared experiences of collective knowing. We learn to feel together.

And so we taste the shared waters of empathic experience as we are led into the dance by the three Graces themselves. These three sisters: Beauty, Delight, and Blossom, fill the world with enchantment, joy, and laughter. As they dance together, the sorrows of separation and alienation are forgotten in the whirling movements of cleansing and purification by laughter.

Beauty reminds us to cleanse away the murky smudges of fear, judgement, and despair to show our shining faces to the world. She says: “Look here, brother, find the beauty in all things. Find the beauty in love and in heartbreak, in laughter and tears. It is all so perfect when you have eyes to see!” And so we open our eyes to see her infectious beauty beneath our skin.

Delight tickles our feet and whispers in our ears: “I am the beginnings of laughter as it rolls through your body! I am the trembling of joy as it reminds you of all the gifts of life. Celebrate with me, sister! We soar to the Stars on a roller-coaster and dance our way back riding a shooting star! We taste ice cream on our lips and sunlight in our bellies!” We dance with Delight and feel the movement of all Creation in Her spinning.

And then Blossom, Lady of all Unfolding, cradles our laughing bodies in her gentle arms, caressing our hearts with her feathery touch, and coos gently: “Come with me, now, and leave behind worry. See, even in winter there is celebration. Life exists in all spaces and all times. And with my touch, it unfolds onto prismatic pathways of possibilities.” As we lie in Blossom’s arms, our dreams pour out from our hearts like water blessed by the kiss of flowers.

  1. What is Beauty? Philosophers have spent countless time theorizing on the nature of beauty. Often we think of beauty as something on the surface. Symmetry, angles, and aesthetic. Or perhaps as something pleasing to the eye. What other definitions of beauty are worth consideration? How are we affected by beauty (of a person, landscape, piece of art)? Where does it take us when we allow ourselves to fall into its depths? What do you consider beautiful? Is it balanced or wild? Polished or untamed? What do your preferences say about you?

  2. What is Delight? What sensory words would you place on the experience of delight? Allow yourself to feel delight moving through you body. Does it feel like a zip, a bubble, an electricity, a glow? Experience it naturally and then try on other words for it. Then consider what you find delight-full. When was the last time you were delight-ed? And what do you do to delight those you love?

  3. And consider Blossom. What does this name invoke in you? In what ways have you blossomed in your life? Do you feel areas in you that wish to unfold and could use the touch of spring to bring them back to life? What does it mean to unfold? Breathe deeply and experience unfolding within your sacred spaces now.

Celebrate! Do something (anything!) that lights up your senses. Delight in a piece of art or music. Dance under the Stars. Explore the touch of empathic understanding with the greater Heart. This is a time to stop working, touch laughter, and leak Joy with every step.