Empathy Series 2 – Bonding


Next, we move from a state of wholeness into duality, and then into an expanded wholeness. Like the Twins, the Soul finds itself looking into the face of its Beloved.  And in this space, the Soul simultaneously drowns in and differentiates from its Twin.

Two is the balance of opposites – and in the Waters these opposites are spiritual truths. The seeker must be able to hold two truths at the same time, blending the hemispheres of the brain, and integrating head and heart. By moving into a state of both/and rather than either/or, the polarity is tricked into a creative process of spiritual blending and sensual synesthesia.

Love is often the gateway into such a state. When one can hold, at once, love for self and the beloved, then a door is opened between them in which they are complete as individuals but also merge into a new form together. This is the marriage bond.

It is no accident that for many seekers Love offers the most profound experience of mystical intimacy in a lifetime. Biblically, marriage creates one flesh from two. In Tantra and Alchemy, the bonded lovers have the opportunity to bring enlightenment to each other.  Mystics, such as St. Teresa and Rumi, often express the Holy in sensual terms. As the sacred Breath is passed, the emotional waters are cleansed and made pure.

Explore the path of Love and the marriage of opposites. This may be in the context of a relationship or it may be with oneself. Either path is powerful, appropriate, and Holy. Consider where and how you blend with others and whether those bonds are appropriate for you. If they are not, how can you balance the scales? And if they are, then offer gratitude and celebrate.

  1. What does the term marriage mean to you? Is it a bond or is it bondage? It may be appropriate to re-contextualize marriage as a spiritual bond rather than as a legal agreement. How would that redefine the relationship between two people who choose to merge in some way?

  2. Is it possible to have a bond with someone other than a lover? How do bonds work between family? Friends? Associates? How is the alchemy different between you and the Other in any given case? Consider a number of your closest relationships and feel where those people exist “in” your body (or around you). This offers the opportunity to explore your inner landscapes with the understanding that when you merge with or take in the essence of another person you create energetic bonds that exist beyond consciousness.

Look at all the bonds in your life and give thanks. You have the opportunity to hold space with Others in ways that bring you closer to the All. We are divided into unique beings so that we may experience the bliss of (re)union. Cherish your bonds, take time to nurture them, give gratitude for your loved ones, and breathe Love into the sacred balance between you.