Ancestral Healing Part 1 – Inheritance

In the spirit of All Hallow’s (a bit late, I know!) an offering of an ancestral healing series… The path of Wisdom.


Stone and the wisdom in the bones. Ancient knowledge. True wealth. Connection to the tribe. This path is an offering to the old ones and the skeletal structure of Earth. We connect to the realm of Stone through our bones.  It is shared memory, tribal continuity, the nearness of our ancestors in daily life, and the divination of Earth.

Stone is fiercely practical and relates strongly to survival but also the continuation of life after death. The original wealth was the ore and gems brought up from the deep places of Earth, such as caves and mines. These were mined from the domain of the dead, which is ruled by Pluto, the Greek god of wealth and death; and by Hel, the Norse goddess, mistress of death and keeper of crystal caves. These myths remind us that all wealth is temporarily loaned to the living and returns to the dead with the mortal’s passing. The wealth of gems and jewels from the deep places of Earth is related to the true wealth that is ancestral memory, continuity, and wisdom.  Stone leads us to the path of Wisdom.

The Ace of Stones holds the promise of true wealth through worldly wisdom.  Your ancestors are calling you to explore the power in your bones. You are beginning a journey, which will culminate in knowing yourself more deeply than you may have imagined possible. The first step is the promise of worldly success. It is the going through the gateway into the realm of Stone to learn the meaning of wealth, what it means to succeed, and how to connect with the Old Ones and ancestors.

  1. Who are your ancestors? Where do you come from? Delve into your history of place and person. Look at the traditional ways of your ancestry and how those ways have changed in contemporary times. Are there remnants of your ancestral lineage in family traditions, foods, or ways of being? Or have they been lost in assimilation?

  2. What does success mean in your family? Is it financial? Or does it have a more subtle intrinsic value? Do you feel successful?

  3. How do you understand wealth? What role does it play in your life? Where are you abundant and where do you feel lack?

  4. Consider how wealth, abundance, and wisdom have played roles in your parents’ lives. Now your grandparents’ lives. Are you playing out their issues with wealth and poverty in your own? Do you wish to re-weave these threads and heal them in yourself?

As we move step along the path of Stone you will explore the ancestral voices and how they continue to live through you.