Welcome to Sphere: Gallery of the Healing Arts


Welcome to Sphere, downtown St. Augustine’s Gallery of Healing Arts.  

Healing as Art.

Celebrating 8 years downtown!

Massage.  Aromatherapy.  Herbalism.  Gifts.  Books.  Compassion.

“You can get massage anywhere.  Here you get healing.”

Studio is open Wednesday through Sunday 11-6
By appointment on Monday and Tuesday
Before/After hours sessions available by appointment


51C Cordova Street.  St. Augustine, FL 32084


I feel it is no mistake that Sphere is located at the very heart of St. Augustine.  It is a nurturing, healing space where I have been able to get oils and herbal remedies for several years.  And whenever anyone has asked me where they should go for a massage, I always heartily recommend Sphere, because they really cares about people and that caring comes through.


Sphere is wonderful and Heather has been my massage therapist for 7 years.  She is small, but powerful and has assisted in keeping my body as stress free as is humanly possible.  I love her products and the healing comes in many other forms such as oils, herbs, stones, oxygen, and experience.   So… give Sphere a try and you will not be disappointed.


You can get massage a lot of places.  Here you get healing.


The shop, the services, and especially the people are a pleasure to immerse body and soul for total wellness.


Such a great shop run by the most wonderful people!  Excellent workshops, massages, and aromatherapy products – a real sanctuary!


I am a massage therapist and energy worker in MI and while vacationing in FL for a week I was guided to Sphere on my search for a 90 minute massage.  I definitely recommend Heather.  She is wonderful.  Loved the energy of the space ;-) I am also enjoying the essential oil aura sprays I bought.